Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Girl is Crazy

I love Raven, but Girl needs to take her meds... (pic from CrunkandDisorderly.com)

All About the Future Most Beautiful Person in the World, and her family...

I am kinda getting bored with all these celebrities having babies, because they are all getting more responsible and their is less other drama (unless the father is K-Fed, then drama ensues).

Any ways, Perez Hilton got the facts and I am bringing them to you from his site...check his other stuff out at PerezHilton.com---

According to In Touch, here is THE LATEST info on the birth of little Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.

- Shiloh was born on May 28 at 1:40 a.m. local time (which was May 27 at 8:40 p.m. EST), said the provincial governor.

- Brad Pitt was overcome with emotions as doctors delivered their first biological child in Swakopmund, Namibia.

- The baby weighed in at 7 pounds, says an insider.

- Shiloh was delivered by Angelina's private doctor, who flew in from Los Angeles to perform a C-section.

- Shiloh was in the breech position - feet first - necessitating the surgery.

- Rumors placed the birth at the Cottage Hospital, but insiders insist it took place at the Burning Shore Lodge.

- During the birth, Brad and Angie's son, Maddox was with a babysitter, while Zahara was cradled by a nurse. Angie's brother, James Haven, "hovered near the doorway" during the delivery. Brad's brother, Doug Pitt, who was in Paris, expects to see his new niece soon.

- Brad brought the kids to meet Shiloh and they all gave Angelina gifts. Maddox gave his mom red flowers and Brad gave Angelina a colorful, braided cloth bracelet made by a young girl from a nearby village. He also bought similar bracelets for himself, Shiloh, Maddox and Zahara.

- While friends say Maddox is thrilled with his new baby sister, a witness did hear him complaining to his dad that Shiloh "sleeps a lot." Brad was then heard explaining, "That's what babies do when they've just been born, Mad. They sleep."- Brad, who once said, "little girls just crush me. They break my heart", has been handing out cigars to everyone he sees and sending emails to friends describing little Shiloh.

- Angelina and Brad have already donated $300,000 to two Namibian state hospitals, as well as $15,000 to a community center in Swakopmund.

- Parenthood definitely agrees with Angelina, who is already talking about adopting more kids - and traveling around the world with them.

- Insiders say the Jolie-Pitt brood will leave their temporary home at the Burning Shore Lodge in Namibia in mid-June, stop in Paris for a short vacation, then return, finally, to their renovated Malibu mansion.

- Angelina really misses her mom, Marcheline, who really regretted not being able to be in Africa for the birth, and can't wait to see her and introduce her to Shiloh.

- Angelina has been estranged from her dad, actor Jon Voight, since 2002, when he revealed that she was adopting Maddox then publicly criticized her. As a peace offering, on May 20, Jon bought Shiloh three gifts - a rattle, a stuffed pig and a stuffed cow - at Glen Kids in Bel Air. "I just wish the best for her," he told a friend soon after the birth. "I hope, at some point, things will be different between us. I wish her the best because I love her."

- The night Angelina gave birth, Brad's ex-wife Jennifer Aniston was alone in her room at The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago - without her boyfriend Vince Vaughn. According to a witness, the next morning, Jen's bodyguard walked her dog Norman and picked up an assortment of newspapers, so she could read about Brad's firstborn child. "Jen's really relieved now that Angelina's given birth," says a friend of the actress. "It's finally over. The baby is born, she'll grow up and maybe now everybody will stop asking her about it."

So there you have it, and thanks to Perez...
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