Saturday, May 13, 2006


Paula Abdul takes a shot for every accessory she puts on...or is it vise versa?


Christina Aguilera will be releasing the much anticipated, BACK TO BASICS, on August 15...she's also performing on June 8, at the MTV Movie Awards, and she is debuting something new!

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Say what you will...that baby is cute, and she looks just like her Moms, Jennifer Garner...this is why you won't see pics for BABY SURI for a little while-cause she doesn't look like her parents, let alone human...XENU!

The Family that ________ together, stays together...

I am just suprised the whole Stewart Clan, still have their noses... *sniff, sniff*

*fill in the blank


Last Night NYC was dead...except for that Guns and Roses concert (apparently it was a let down.)...However, on the other side of the states all our favorite party girls were showing their support for the 13th Annual Race to Erase MS, sponsored by Nancy Davis and Tommy Hilifiger.

I think everyone looked pretty damn good, but they must call our favorite model: LE CALL and get a new pose...why does everyone resort to the hand on the hip?

Friday, May 12, 2006


Last night I went to the Photographic Opening of "The Spirit Of A Soul:...where true beauty is found in everyone",the work of Cheryl Fox Spencer, which was hosted by DIDDY...put together by Lizzie Grubman (omg! I am starting to sound like a press release) Any ways, I saw Diddy's mom in a blonde wig, it looked natural (sure, it did). Shaq was there, he started the night in the corner but ended up in the little area they had for sitting and everyone, came up to him and took pictures with him. There was no red carpet, but over int he photo area, Constantine (from American Idol) was nursing one of many little red martinis, he looked puffy. Lizzie was there, and she was glowing, and her husband Chris Stern, was by her side. They look really happy together, and both are ALOT better looking in person. Most people were too busy, "stylin' and profilin" as one girl put it and no one was really looking at the photographs, which weren't too bad.

Also seen, Melissa Ford, Tyson Beckford, Bryce Wilson, Kwame Jackson, and Jessica White...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We Vote for Taylor...


Lindsay, ya need to find time to sleep...

Grow Your Own PoweR Girl

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Stern on the announcement that they are with child...who will no doubt be allowed into Bungalow 8 before you are...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Ashlee unveiled her latest project...her new nose...even with her Popeye chin, she is now hotter than Jess...

(pic courtesy of Gettyimages via: US WEEKLY BLOG)

OOPS (OH $HIT) she did it again...


...she confirmed it on David Letterman...

Britney Spears surprised talk show host David Letterman this afternoon when she unexpectedly dropped by the Late Show and confirmed on-air that she is pregnant. “Don’t worry Dave, it’s not yours,” the 24-year-old pop princess joked. Us Weekly exclusively broke news of the pregnancy last month.

This will be Spears’ second child with husband Kevin Federline, 28, whom she married in September 2004. The couple have a son, Sean, who is 8 months old. Federline also has a daughter, Kori, 3, and a 21-month-old son, Caleb, from a previous relationship with Shar Jackson.

Even though Spears has said, “I want more babies,” a source close to the singer tells Us that she “cried her eyeballs out” when a doctor confirmed the pregnancy in early February. “She was considering ending the marriage right before she got the news.”

Initially, the singer didn’t trust her husband with the baby news. “She stopped telling him things because he has a big mouth and knew this would be too big for him to keep a lid on,” says an insider (a rep for Federline denies this).

Spears waited to tell her family about the baby (whose gender is unknown) until around Easter weekend. “Britney was afraid to disappoint her mother, Lynne, the most, and was reluctant to tell her family,” says a source, who adds, “Her family doesn’t like or trust [Federline].”

Cynics are even speculating that the wannabe rapper impregnated Spears as a “security” measure. (Says a rep for the couple, “This is entirely untrue.”) “The truth is, he can’t draw a crowd without her,” adds the Spears insider.

As for Spears’ own career, the singer continues to work on a new album. “It’s not bad that Britney is pregnant and going back into the studio,” David Nathan, a senior vice president at Universal Records (he worked with Spears at Jive Records), tells Us. “However the tiredness, crankiness and edginess of being pregnant, [especially] in her third trimester, could pose a problem in her recording schedule and the amount of time it takes to finish a song.”

Despite her determination to regain her Pop Princess crown, Spears does realize there are more important issues to worry about. Spears, says a source, “is finally getting excited about the baby.” Look for more details on Spears’ pregnancy in this week’s issue of Us, on newsstands tomorrow! Watch the singer’s announcement on tonight’s episode of the Late Show with David Letterman. (US WEEKLY BLOG)



Kelly Rowland at the MTV Asia Awards...I feel bad that now there isn't so much Beyonce in her life, the hair people just throw the damn wig on her head, and push her out the door...


I really feel bad for him, all that time--no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

Monday, May 08, 2006

"It's like...Yeah... MotherF#$@^ER...I'm Fine"

Everyone has a diva day, and Lindsay had hers today on the Today...

Lauer: You weren’t happy with the Vanity Fair article that came out, and you released a statement saying that some of your words had been misconstrued. So let me just ask the blunt question: No problems in your life right now, in terms of substance or anything? You’re fine?

Lohan: [Shakes head, looks exasperated and then genuinely perplexed] Substance abuse — I don’t believe that was brought up. [Audible, Pavlovian sniffing begins here.]

Lauer: Well, just talked about some experimentation with drugs and things like that.

[Lohan sighs, waves this away as if it were ridiculous.]

Lauer:You’re OK?

Lohan: [Eyes roll] Yeah, everything’s fine. Vanity Fair, you know — the great thing that came out of that with the whole eating disorder issue [eyes roll] was it gave younger girls, I think, any younger girl who picked it up, they can go to their parents and talk to them about it and know that it’s better to be verbal and talk to people if you have any sort of problem, whatever it may be. And that it’s not worth it. [Makes serious face. She wants you to get help.]

Lohan on Her New Films [MSNBC - Today Show]
Taken from

I hope next week she hits the Oprah show and jumps on the couch...

Which One NEVER Belongs...

The Palms Casino Resort in Vegas had an event, The First Annual Fantasy Suite Block Party , and someone just didn't belong...if you are going to have sex before you hit the red carpet please prop your head head up, or at least use some pomade after...
(thanks to Pink is the New Blog for pic...)


Nice Kate, nice...

Here we see Kate stepping out and we know she wants to run, but Tom has that HELL GRIP on her...if this is the kind of glow, women who give birth are suppost to have--no thank you.

NEW TREND: NURSING BRAS! This shit will be hotter than skinny jeans!Add Image

When will hell freeze over?

Britney gives us a glimmer of hope that happy days will come back to us all, and she will leave Kevin and go back to being Madonna's happy little underling...thanks to MK from D-Listed for the pics...

Maybe the mouse ears are in homage to Justin and their love...?


Ken must be working overtime, to find the shade of hair that perfectly matched her skin...even with the new look it's too bad we still remember she left her husband...

Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan racked up a massive £500,000 bill while staying at Hollywood's most expensive hotel.

The 19-year-old star reserved a luxurious bungalow at the Chateau Marmont Hotel - for most of last year.But after splashing out to reserve the suite it appears Lindsay barely even visited Los Angeles in 2005.

A source said: 'She tries to keep the bungalow reserved on the off chance she'll pop into LA. But it's a real waste of time and money.'

The huge bill for the 'Mean Girls' actress - who earns a reputed £4 million a film - doesn't even take into account extras such as Cristal champagne, at £300 a bottle, and the hotel's personal chauffeur, which costs guests £380 a day.

Lindsay has also been treating friends to meals and drinks and slapping them on her ever growing hotel tab.

Her accountants were furious when the acress handed them her bills and appeared unaware of how much money she was spending.

Another source revealed: 'Her accountants were disgusted because she didn't realise she'd racked up such a huge bill.'

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If you thought this bill was huge, you should see the one from her dealer!
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