Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Things that make ya go, hmmmm...

Austrailia has found it's own PARIS HILTON in MICHELLE LESLIE.


Does Brooke Hogan look more and more like a porn star everyday?

It's so hard to be really, really rediculously good looking...

For supermodel Tyson Beckford, Eighth and Ocean isn’t as glamorous as it appears on MTV’s newest reality show.

Miami Beach police say the corner is where a knife-wielding robber attempted to rip off the 36-year-old Beckford — a Ralph Lauren poster man — Sunday night.

About 8 p.m., police say, Beckford and La Monte Woods, 34, of North Beach, got into a confrontation. Woods said Beckford made a ‘’disrespectful'’ comment to his girlfriend. Woods pulled out a knife and Beckford fought back, police say. During the struggle, Woods punched Beckford and ripped off his chain — but police say Woods may have fled empty-handed.

Woods was nabbed by police a few blocks away and charged him with armed robbery, battery and aggravated assault. Beckford identified Woods as his assailant and went off to look for his chain. (SOURCE)

Tyson then challenged the guy to a walk off, that was judged by David Bowie....

Brad's Tattoo


“I’m gonna eat the placenta. I thought that would be good. Very nutritious. I’m gonna eat the cord and the placenta right there.”, Tom Cruise. (GQ)


The Passion of the Madge

Pop star Madonna is having a massive "disco-fied" crucifix made as one of the centerpieces for her upcoming tour. The singer has raised eyebrows before with her controversial use of religious images and now she'll shock again with the flashing cross. A source claims Madonna will descend to the stage on the glittering disco-ball crucifix, covered with diamonds and Swarovski crystals. The ball is rumored to cost $10 million, and is being constructed at a well-guarded airplane hangar in Los Angeles for her Confession On A Dance Floor tour. According to the source, "It'll create a blinding light, like she's landing on the spaceship from E.T." (imdb.com)


Under the Ink of Your Tattoo...

The Jolie-Pitts have a bond that now shows, forever...

Not only has Bradley Pitt recently adopted his son Maddox's mohawk hairdo, but the crazy in love star has also co-opted one of Angelina Jolie's passions, body art!

That's right, according to Hello magazine, Brad recently got a Buddhist prayer tattooed on his lower back in honor of four-year-old Maddox.

The body art, a prayer of protection for the little boy, matches five black columns Angelina has, etched on her shoulders. The design on Brad's back is a Sanskrit blessing.

Papa Pitt's love is written in ink! (perezhilton.com)

Tell Jenny to eat it.

If These Walls Could Talk...

ANGELINA Jolie is an "unbelievable lesbian lover," says her former flame, Jenny Shimizu. The one-time Calvin Klein model - who's been dining out on her 1996 dalli ance with Jolie for years - rehashes it again in a new interview with Britain's News of the World. "I was her first," Shimizu says of the sapphic sex-up. "And although she's having a baby with Brad [Pitt], I doubt I'll be the last. She loves women too much. It's like a drug and she was hooked." There's more: "She has a body which just makes you gasp and shudder with lust - so slender but with the most incred ible, perfect curvy boobs," says shameless Shimizu. "And her amazing skin is so soft to touch. But it's her mouth that made me beg for more - kissing me slowly and passionately with those full lips over every inch of my body." For the un initiated, Shimizu met Jolie on the set of the 1996 flick, "Foxfire," when Jolie, then 19, was married to British actor Jonny Lee Miller. Shimizu and Jolie haven't seen each other in two years, but Shimizu says they still talk occasionally: "We had a special bond, which I believe will never die. We never fell out, we just drifted apart." (pagesix.com)

Basicly, Jenny has absolutely no respect for Angie. Because, if she did she would have kept her ugly mouth shut and let Angie enjoy her new familly.

Jenny is basicly that chick that everyone knew in college who had a one night fling at a frat party with the hottest person playing beer pong...and now she feels she is owed something.

Just walk on with the memory biotch

Monday, April 17, 2006

Public Service Annoucement

"I spent many nights crying myself to sleep wishing I was ugly.", Evangeline Lily. (3am)

Well, she sorta got her wish, I wouldn't want to chill with her, and I only hang with pretty people.


Lindsay was in NYC for her recent stint hosting SNL, she must have brought her sister along for the ride. Her sister Ali has Lindsay's looks...so...let's hope this isn't a case of the Duffs....


K-FUG recently was quoted:

"My situation is different. I ain't get tin' no divorce. I don't believe in that s**t. Once you get married, you're in it for the fight." (3am)


"I didn't have a career like Nick Lachey, so I can't let Britney divorce me. I don't Believe in hard work. Once your married, you can sleep around as long as she don't find out."

That Guy did it to Madonna too...

GUY Ritchie doesn't like Miami much because it's where his wife, Madonna, once fooled around with Ingrid Casares, Chris Paciello and others - but he was doing his best the other night at Mynt Lounge. Ritchie drank white wine at a table with a bunch of other guys. "He arrived around 12:30 a.m. and like most celebs acted very incognito," said one source. "He stayed to the early a.m. hours and was said to be a great tipper." (Pagesix.com)

Honestly, Guy, you know what you were getting yourself into. The same reason why you married Madonna is the same reason why you are going to have issues with her...

PS. We love Madge!
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