Saturday, April 01, 2006


The fad in LA is Sweeping NYC. Five clubs were closed last night, all due to underage drinking and illegal drugs....These clubs include:


UH OH.....

Friday, March 31, 2006


There is like no really good news out there today...except the whole Russell and Kimora break-up, Naomi Campbell going to jail for throwing a phone at her employees head, and Vin Diesel might be...more info on that later...saw this little ad on the BEST WEEK EVER blog...

loves it.

ps. Estrella's b-day is this weekend, we'll be at Felucka's and G-SPA...where will you be?

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Publicity Stunts shouldn't look so seriously who's PR person called the photogs to come down to the beach...and why didn't Ryan do Teri's hair?

I SPY...

With these pics of Whitney's Bathroom, we just want to play I spy...

I spy, with my little eye...

*tabloid magazines!
*Budweiser Beer
*Newport ciggarettes

what do you see?...

ps. how great is it that even during a bender, a celeb will follow up on the current gossip...

Do you hear what I hear?

(sound of bones breaking)


Angelina's "Inner fat girl" gets the best of her...

FEZ talks and you can understand every word...

So, I've been listening to the HOWARD STERN interview of WILMER. I don't know how to feel. He's so charming, yet so slimey for spilling the dirt...THANKS TO WWTD.COM....

The crew at Howard played: F*#&#, Marry, or KILL! Wilmer played! Basicly you are given 3 names and you have to choose one to F#&(@, Marry, or Kill.

GAME 1: Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Alba
F@&(#: Lindsay Lohan
Marry: Mandy Moore
Kill: Jessica Alba

GAME 2: Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan, and Jennifer Love Hewitt
F(@#*: Mandy Moore
Marry: Lindsay Lohan
Kill: Jennifer Love Hewitt

WWTD.COM: part one of Wilmer on Stern here, part two here and part three here.

The Bore from Baltimore holds a space in Fez's heart? Who knew?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Whitney's Whitehouse

These are hot off the from GAWKER.COM, Whitney's bathroom!

CELEBRITY ILLNESS...not the good kind

Whitney, we miss the real are some allegations that were recently in the NY DAILY NEWS...

~Whitney hallucinates and sees "demons" when she's high. She bites and beats herself black-and-blue but blames the "Devil" for the injuries. "The Devil be hitting me," Whitney reportedly told Brown.

~When Whitney's mom, Cissy, forced her to attend rehab sessions in March 2004, Tina Brown says, Whitney smoked crack on the way to the meetings and dodged the urine drug tests saying: "I'm not giving you no pee today. I don't have none right now."

~Whitney allegedly loses her $6,000 set of false teeth when she's high and once appeared toothless, scaring the kids at her niece's school.

~Whitney smokes as much as an "eight-ball" (1/8 of an ounce) of crack at a time, mixing it with marijuana encased in a cigar wrapper, according to Tina Brown.

~In 2004, a drug dealer called Bobby Brown and ordered him to remove the paranoid and out-of-control Whitney from his crack house. "Come get your wife. I'm sick of this b----," the dealer reportedly complained. NY Daily News



Singer Rhianna needs a stylist...NOW!


Richard Ashcroft was on Live! with REGIS and KELLY, wow--how outta place is that appearance...even better in the middle of his performance Richard gave a shoutout...


that's hot.

Lindsay is so cool, she even gets two Mommies!

Kate Moss is rumoured to have 'adopted' Lindsay Lohan to help her get her life back together.

The supermodel is apparently currently mentoring Lindsay while she reportedly struggles with bulimia and drug addiction.

An anonymous source told The Daily Mirror: "Lindsay's been through hell in the past year."Her folks Dina and Michael got divorced, suing and countersuing each other before her dad landed in jail for attempted assault on his brother-in-law."

She's admitted to eating disorders and dabbling in drugs and alcohol - as well as going on spending sprees when she was down.

"Kate's parents also got divorced when she was younger, and she's had a difficult relationship with her dad, so all of these things help the two connect."

Lindsay recently told Vanity Fair magazine: "I was sick. I had people sit me down and say, 'You're going to die if you don't take care of yourself'." However, she later denied that any weight loss was due to eating disorders. (

So now Lindsay is going to have to deal with Mamma Kate, which is nice, cause this mom; smokes, swears, has blonde hair, goes clubbing, drinks, has a crazy ex, and loves the limelight...can someone please explain how Kate differs from Lindsay's real mom DINA?


Page Six just ran an item that will make it certain that Busta's music is never played at Escuelita or Splash again...

March 29, 2006 -- BUSTA Rhymes went ballistic on a young gay fan who dared to tap the rapper on the shoulder after a night of clubbing in Miami. Rhymes, who was in South Beach for the Winter Music Conference, has been on edge ever since one of his security guards, Israel Ramirez, was shot dead last month in Brooklyn while guarding Rhymes' jewelry. But it seems nothing makes the rapper's temper flare faster than the unwanted touch of an effeminate man. The drama unfolded at the 11th Street Diner, which is next door to gay club Twist, early Sunday morning. "The restaurant was packed with transvestites, gay men and drag queens, which obviously made Busta a little edgy," eyewitness Thomas Barker e-mails. "This became evident when a young gay guy came up behind Busta and tapped him on the shoulder to congratulate the rapper on his recent comeback. Before the guy could even mutter a word, Busta turned around and repeatedly screamed, 'Why the [bleep] you touchin' me, man? Get the [bleep] away from me' . . . his two huge bodyguards then caused an even larger scene by pushing the kid away . . . Busta quietly whispered to his bodyguards, 'I hate [bleeping] faggots, man.' " A spokeswoman for Rhymes did not return calls. (

So next week Busta will say he was misquoted, and that he knows this gay guy who is bestfriends with his brother's cousin's bestfriend's co-worker, and all should be forgiven...blah blah blah...

Monday, March 27, 2006

FEZ is a Skank!

Um...yeah...he's classy...

Recently on Howard Stern, Wilmer Valderrama told Howard all kinds of Juicy Info...Here is what the bitches at BEST WEEK EVER BLOG put together...

--Lindsay Lohan is one of the best girls he's ever had.
--Ashlee Simpson is incredibly loud.
--The first girl he dated in Hollywood was Ariana Richards... you may remember her as the kid in Jurassic Park.
--On a scale from 1-10, he gives Jennifer Love Hewitt an 8.
--Speaking of the number 8, Fez claims to be "slightly bigger" than 8 inches.
--He got with Mandy Moore when she guested on That 70s Show.
--He's videotaped himself in bed on more than one occasion, but he's erased the tapes so they wouldn't leak onto the internet.
--He's had two women at once.
--And completely unrelated to all of this, he recently purchased Chuck Norris' old house.

Do you think when he walks into a club, they play: "IT'S HARD OUT HERE FOR A PIMP"? I never want to hear someone talk shit about LaLohan about being a whore, when FEZ is even worse! just goes to show that latinos are the SHIZ!!

Also Known As...

Today, from some very reliable sources, we heard the funniest thing ever...MANDY MOORE's nickname in the Hollywierd circles is: THE BORE FROM BALTIMORE!


Hung Up...

This is the worst couple ever...

Colin Farrell and Kate Moss are allegedly phone-dating.

The Hollywood hellraiser and the supermodel mum are believed to have bonded over their stints in rehab - but are too busy to hook up so have to whisper sweep nothings into their mobiles to each other instead.

An insider is quoted on the National Ledger website: "Since they're both working on their sobriety, they completely understand the struggle.

"Plus, they both happen to be very attracted to one another."

Last year, Moss got help after was snapped snorting cocaine, while 'Alexander' star Farrell took time out for treatment citing 'exhaustion'.

The pair have known each other for some time. (

LINDSAY LOHAN must be pissed! That is her best friend and her booty call!!!!


Tara Reid got boobs on loan from a drag queen!


The Tony Danza Show is DUNZO! I wasn't sure yet, (cause we really didn't care). However, yesterday I was flipping though the New York Post, and they confirmed that he got news on Monday that his show was OVER...I know the guy had a good heart, but that was the most awkward show ever!...I kept waiting for someone to finally say April Fools, and bring out Rosie O'Donnell!


Which British heartthrob film star has been secretly dating a male New York City ballet dancer? (Gatecrasher)

who do you think?...people think johnathan...but does this man seriously look gay?

Public Service Annoucement

Marc Anthony's shows us what makes J.Lo quiver...
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