Saturday, March 18, 2006

"Vintage...I love it."

Wow the Osbourne family looks like any other mid-west family in this!

We are just like Perez Hilton...

Estrella met up with Lindsay for drinks and Perez met up with Linds to apparently borrow her tight ugly shirt...


This was taken from Digital Spy, an article by Dave West...

A Scottish masseuse has claimed an A-list Hollywood actor performed a "disgusting" sex act on her.

The hotel worker told an industrial tribunal: "He abused me and I considered that a criminal act."

She explained he had also behaved strangely during a massage the day before. "He asked me if I was comfortable touching him everywhere and I said no. Throughout the massage, he kept putting his hand underneath his towel but he never kept it there long enough for me to suspect anything."

During the next day's massage, the star – who cannot be named for legal reasons –dropped his towel and grabbed the 34-year-old's wrist before carrying out the sex act, she alleges.

"It was disgusting and, even though he was a Hollywood superstar, I couldn't believe he thought he could get away with something like that," explained the former employee of the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, Scotland. "When I was giving his wife a massage afterwards, I wanted to tell her everything."

The woman, who was sacked last August, is bringing a case of unfair dismissal against Old Course Ltd. She says her bosses treated her badly after she complained about the star's actions in 2004. She explained: "While before I was seen as a model worker, now they were questioning everything I did."

The tribunal was adjourned until May.


Paris and Stavros are DUNZO!

Paris Hilton's rocky romance with Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos has finally sunk - and the socialite has sailed back into the arms of former fiance (and namesake) Paris Latsis.

Paris H was spotted getting cosy with Paris L - also from Greece and due to inherit a shipping fortune - at LA nightclub Privilege last weekend.

And according to our disco detective, they looked decidedly friendly.

"The two Parises spent most of the evening together, head to head and laughing in the corner," says our Stateside snitch.

"It certainly looked like they had a lot of catching up to do - they were getting pretty close and personal." (

Does this mean that Stavros is going to try to hold onto his D-list status? He'll be getting cozy with MK Olsen soon enough...and lets hope that Paris and Paris don't stay together, I hate Paris Squared...

Friday, March 17, 2006

All it takes is a BLUNT to make Estrella happy!

China Club held a private performance for the British boy and of course I was right in front resting my camera on stage! I was the lucky girl to get a kiss from him as he closed( I'm sure the exposure of my blue vicky bra had nothing to do with it) and thanks to photographer Dominick Conde I stole some moments in VIP. Needless to say Excellent performance!


HAHAHA just read Perez Hilton!

apparently he loves to kiss "gets him harder than anything"

and the bitch isn't that skinny anymore

When is it ok to call someone a whore...

I mean publicity whore, not sexual whore...but, that sort of fits the bill too...


Lindsay was Butter on Monday and started off things alone...but by the end of the night, STING, AXL ROSE, LENNY KRAVITZ, MAXWELL, ADRIEN BRODY, and STEPHEN DORFF had joined her at her table... (according to Rush and Malloy) .

Does Lindsay even take a dump now without Leslie Sloane (PR) telling someone about it?

ps...isn't this the hottest lindsay pic...I miss the lohan who used to eat.


Sharon Stone looks to be on top of her game again, after that huge fashion don't at the OSCARS...check out this press photo for Basic Instinct 2...

Finally someone took initiative...

PAGE SIX hears that Nino's Positano owner Nino Selimaj sent Nicole Richie a lifetime supply of pasta after seeing her scary weight loss on the cover of Star magazine.


...the joke wrote itself...

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Mary Kate Olsen dresses up as Margot Tenenbaum.


Kelly Rowland looks great, like usual...NOW LOOK CLOSER...WTF is Solange wearing in the background?

Don't Be Usin' My Words, Yo!

Damon Wayans was denied yesterday the patent of a single word...That word being "NIGGA". I thought this was a joke, but the Associated Press ran a story about how he honestly was trying to get the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to official grant him use of the word. He was denied though because of an Act of Congress that makes it illegal to "register a word that is scandalous or that disparages a particular group." He will once again appeal the ruling, but the chances of a different outcome are slim. AP.

He's trying to get the patent because he is starting a clothing line called, "NIGGA".

This is funny, can you imagine all the midwest whiteboys who want to be ghetto lining up in the stores to pick up their next, NIGGA, shirt?

I don't love dem hoes,
The Urban Sociailites

Public Service Announcement

"It Sucks.", Lindsay Lohan's reaction to Ted Casablanca on how all the LA hotspots are not letting the underage Hollywood Set drink and sometimes even enter, because of the new crackdown the clubs have been under...

Sugar, NO SPICE...

The plans for a SPICE GIRL reunion are now dunzo. Originally the girls were suppost to be coming together for a reunion tour to celebrate the anniversary of their hit "WANNABE". According to, MEL C and VICTORIA BECKHAM met in Madrid to discuss the possibility of a reunion. However, both girls decided against it:

A source told The Sun: "Melanie has never really been into the idea of performing with the girls again. She is proud of everything they did together but she has moved on."She wants to concentrate on solo work. She met with Victoria, who was thinking the same thing.
Posh is now heavily into fashion and realised the Spice tour had the potential to be a PR disaster.

”It was not only Mel C and Victoria that stamped on the reunion, however, Geri is quite happily pregnant and so also unavailable the source explained: "Geri Halliwell is expecting a baby in the summer so she's not going to be in any position to start rehearsing for a while.

"Emma Bunton and Mel B both wanted to do it but now Victoria and Melanie C have vetoed it." (

The girls should have just done it. The only one right now with some sort of career is Victoria, and that stems mostly from who she is married to. MEL C is working on her solo work? HA, If she doesn't have it yet, I just don't see her having it. I am not trying to be a hater, but seriously.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


What would Britney Do?

Apparently Lindsay Lohan must have one of those bracelets, cause here is her latest quote:

"Marriage is a big deal, but who's to say I'm not going to pull a 'Vegas' and get married just to get married and see what it's like for a minute?" -Lindsay Lohan.


Christina buys her wigs from Costco?


The Surreal Life is coming back for a sixth season.

On Sunday we get to see: STEVE HARWELL of SMASHMOUTH, WHITESNAKE video vixen TAWNY KITAEN, C.C. DEVILLE from POISON, Playboy TV's cover girl, ANDREA LOWELL and actor/actress ALEXIS ARQUETTE. and also, SHERMAN HEMSLEY, who was the star of "The Jeffersons, and Brady mom; FLORENCE HENDERSON.

One kinda cool thing: they get to pick their last roommate. They get to choose from a whole bevy of reality hunks.

I'm sad to say that I'm just not that interested, but I hope they sing, "MOVIN' ON UP". Which in my opinion, was the best tv theme song ever!


Pagesix ran this today:

COULD the world's hottest lingerie model really be a virgin? That's the mind-boggling claim that's landed Victoria's Secret sexpot Adriana Lima on the cover of the new GQ, which dubs her, "The World's Most Voluptuous Virgin." In a brief Q&A with writer Lisa DePaulo that accompanies some steamy beach shots of the Brazilian bombshell, Lima says, "Sex is for after marriage. [Men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that means they don't want me." Lima's pristine state must sure have been maddening for ex-squeezes Derek Jeter and Lenny Kravitz. (

This just in: Lindsay is a virgin too, sarcasm doesn't translate well in type...


Rosario Dawson recently was talking to the SciFi channel about he next installment of Robert Roderiguez's SIN CITY. The highly successful adaptation to the (Nerdbook) Graphic Novel, will make its way on screen. This one based on the next book, "A DAME TO KILL FOR". The Dame is to be played by ANGELINA JOLIE, who Robert has in mind for the role. So, production on this project has been halted until the very preggers ANGIE gives birth. This woman knows how to make the geeks all hot and bothered...first a video game vixen (LARA CROFT) and now this...Nerds are taking cold showers in anticipation!


So...I didn't look closely at those pics of Pam Anderson and the hip-hop artist yesterday. Well it wasn't GENUINE like Gettyimages has captioned...If you look closely it's RAY J, you know Brandy's brother--the one who tries to be a singer every 3 years. Well, those chica's at 3am, got the scoop here it is:

We hear the pneumatic blonde set her sights on 25-year-old hip-hop toyboy Ray-J during a boozy night out at a hip London club - splashing out £4,000 on champagne in a bid to impress the young r'n'b hunk.

And the One Wish star was so taken by animal activist Pam, 38, that he ditched his £20,000 fur coat on the way back to her hotel.

We wonder what Sugababes beauty Keisha Buchanan - who he went on a date with last week - will make of that...

Our bubbly-swigging snitch in salubrious West End haunt Kabaret's Prophecy tells us: "Pam rocked up at around 1am on Monday night with Laurence Hallier, the property developer she's been seeing.

"It was her third visit in the space of a few days so she's obviously pretty taken with the place."(

It's great that Pammy is now slummin' with RayJ, Brandy is gonna be pissed....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Public Service Announcement

"Cocaine is God's way of saying you're making too much money ", Robbie Williams (3am)

When is it enough?

BREAKING NEWS: ok, it's actually a daily thing already...

MAN-EATING minx Lindsay Lohan is at it again. After hanging out with Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney at Bungalow 8 on Wednesday night, the teen queen hit the Piaget-sponsored after-party for the new Salma Hayek/Colin Farrell romp, "Ask the Dust," at the SoHo Grand on Thursday. Double-L wasted no time asking about Farrell, with whom she's been linked in the past. "She was intent on finding him," said one guest. Told that Farrell was filming elsewhere, she pouted with her girlfriends, perking up only when British heartthrob Clive Owen chatted her up. (

Linds, I love ya, but enough is enough...please use protection.


Pammy Anderson was in London at a cabaret with Genuine (remember him?--"MY PONY"). I have no idea of the stories behind these photos. However, she is holding a fur, but she looks like she is ripping it in the second pic. PETA sheads a tear either way.


Queen Latifah is your daddy...

Is she or isn't she...

Well, this morning, I turned on my television to see David Caplan's mug on Fox News 5 here in NYC. David is one of the guys from Star Magazine, and he had dropped by to fill their "Tabloid Tuesday" segment with gossip. He told the crew that,


I am still waiting for the official word. Leslie Sloane, Brit's PR, still has yet to release an official statement. However, she did retract her own statement. Leslie originanlly said that "Britney is not pregnant." and now she has downgraded that to "As far as I am aware, she is not pregnant." (sun)

So lets see what happens...ugh, I literally had a dream about this shit last night!.

Monday, March 13, 2006


This time she doesn't smell like Talan's nuts!

Page Six reports that Kimberly Stewart showed up at the W Magazine Oscar Party, all ready for a pedi, as part of the celeb perks...well the skank took off her shoes and her feet stunk...

"her feet stunk so [bleeping] bad that the pedicurist refused to do her toes . . . or anybody else's for the rest of the day."

Way to go Kim, prove that you party girls don't just smell like booze and cigarettes!

Put that Dog on a tight lesh!

BRIT BRIT is finally coming to her senses! Page Six ran an item today telling about how Brit is giving K.FUG a allowance!

"Each month, he will be allotted a certain amount of money for personal use - i.e., clothing, nightclubs, booze and day-to-day activities. Any big items - cars, or trips that go over allowance - need to be approved by Brit herself," said one source. "She acknowledges she has made a great deal of money. However, she is trying to show Kevin that he needs to be responsible and curb his out-of-control spending habits."

Next she is going to give him a time limit to how many hours he is allowed to be on MYSPACE! ha ha!

Oh No, He Didn't!

Michael Douglas is talking shit about everyone today:

"I don't know about Brad Pitt," says Douglas, "leaving that beautiful woman [Jennifer Aniston] to go hold orphans for Angelina [Jolie]. I mean how long is that going to last?"

"I mean, don't ask me what happened with Renee Zellweger [and her short-lived husband Kenny Chesney]. I don't know how you get married for four months."

"And Julia [Roberts] with Lyle [Lovett]. There must be some incredible things you find out one night. I mean, I don't know." (New York Daily News)

I guess everything with C.Zeta is great!

Lindsay Says Sex is "GROOVY"

This was taken from the paper today, I can't wait 'til LInds's mom tries to do damage control for these statements...

Lindsay Lohan swears she doesn't have as much sex as the tabloids would have you believe. But she's not opposed to the occasional orgasm.

"Sleeping around is not something that interests me, but the act of love is an amazing thing," the "Prairie Home Companion" star says. "It's groovy. You've gotta have some fun and let those emotions out."

And what of those many men who allegedly have come to her emotional rescue: Chad Michael Murray, Richie Akiva, Jared Leto, Jonathan Rhys-Myers, Colin Farrell , Joaquin Phoenix and whoever she was with at Bungalow last weekend? The 19-year-old scoffs at the endless tabloid linkages. Still, she admits, "It sounds cheesy, but I have people who are fun to have crushes on."

What does she look for in a boyfriend?

"Confidence, loyalty and a good sense of humor, because I come with a lot of baggage," she tells Cosmo. "I have paparazzi following me every day. After I finish, I'd like to have a boyfriend. It would be nice to have that security and to have someone to go to a movie with."

Would she do a nude scene?

"I'm okay with being topless in front of people, but I'm not sure if I'd want to do it onscreen," she says. "If it's a role that's going to win me an Oscar, it would be different."

We look forward to seeing more of those freckles. (New York Daily News)

Wow, way to move backwards. When people like J.Lo started, they did the sexual, nude things to get on the map. Lindsay already has the recognition does she really need to show her boobs to get more roles? Maybe she figures that plenty of guys in NY and LA have seen them, why not a few more fellas?


No we didn't abandon the whole 4 people that check our blog daily. Just a mini-vaca. This weekend was gorgeous in the big bad city and today is just amazing as well. This weekend was kinda slow, with a few golden nuggets that we will bestow upon you now! We'll let you gawk at these pics of Jakey G. and his kids...who is the man-friend in the pic?
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