Saturday, February 11, 2006


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Friday, February 10, 2006


I can't wait to see how he covers this up next year.


Pete Doherty is the new Gollum...
he used to be Kate Moss's PRECIOUS?

Rent (CONTROLED) Diva:

Ok, people are asking what the whole CONTROLED meant when I meantioned Rosario Dawson. Here is the lowdown: THIS IS RUMOR! However, you know how rumors start...Before Rosario got famous she lived somewhere on the lower east side in this rediculously cheap rent controlled apartment. Apparently the apartment was suppost to be meant for people who were lower income, and if you know about NYC in the late 80's and early 90's-you would know how shady the hood was. Well ,after being discovered on a stoop by the director of KIDS; the girl has been workin' her way up the social and economic ladder. Now, I'm not being a hater; but since then she's had a pretty successful career, both in independent and mainstream film...So why hasn't she given up the apartment to a lower income family or student-and moved herself to different place...cause ya know Rosie can afford it.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Poor Anna?

"The next product I'm going to put my name on is extra-small condoms. I can never find extra-small condoms, and I know it's really embarrassing for people." , Enrique Iglesias to DETAILS magazine.

First Hit is for Free

Though his lyrics have been soft lately, Eminem's "posse" did the puchin' and hurlin' (well I don't know about all of that) at the Shady Records party. Trashy Tommy Lee apparently got a beat down after poppin Sh*t about Kid Rock. Which resulted later in him, no-showing to the bash's dj gig that night- we didn't get any sweet pics of lumped lips and blackened eyes; but under the grime and grease, I'm not sure we would be able to tell. Bracing bitchingly, take a look at this pic and image hitting him yourself.

Hot 8 at Bungalow 8 on Tuesday Night...

Click on pic to enlarge...
So sorry that the posts have been slow this week, but with our day jobs and Fashion Week in full swing, we've been busy. On Tuesday we made an appearance with our favorite model Le Call, at Bunglow 8, this night started slow but around 2ish here is how the crowd had looked...

1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen with their crew rollin' about 10 deep celebrating some thin blonde's b-day, David Katzemberg and Brandon Davis were in attendence. The two chainsmoked and drank Redbull the entire evening...Mary Kate has a presence that excedes her size byfar and Ashley can shake that booty! Ashley's got some junk in her trunk-the good kind!

2. The stunning Le Call in a vintage frock beating away the drunk and fucked up old money set, with The Urban Socialites on hand to save her from their advances.

3. Benicio Del Toro came in with a small entourage of foreign looking men, later was joined by Rande Gerber (Mr. Cindy Crawford), and the Weinsteins (BIG $).

4. Rent (Controled) Diva, Rosario Dawson, in a feather hat and without her Sex and the City BF.

5. The Queen of NY nitelift Amy Sacco's table, don't ever sit there without an invite (unless you are Madonna or Diddy).

6. Two nobodies, dressed in short booty shorts, fake hair in a side ponytails on the top of their heads --one was wearing Uggs!?!?!

7. "Get out before I love you too much!", Donatella Versace and all her minions, she actually looked really good, the lady had a body that most people can't sport, but the weave was a little Unbe-weave-able...

8. Kristin Cavalleri (Laguna Beach Bitch) She looked good, I thought it was LC at first but Le corrected me. She did a lap on the main floor, no one made a big deal, so she went up stairs to her table. She later came back down to great the Olsens and their boys and kinda got snubbed so she retreated back up to the loft. The side ponytail didn't work well on her either.

...and Kate Hudson showed up later...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Brandy needs help with her wigs...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just in time for Fashion Week...

Kimberly Stewart has finally realized she can't dress. (Now, if only Brit would come to that realization the world would find peace)

Kim is having people vote on Yahoo! for what dress she should wear to the grammy only if she can get an invite.

Is it ok to hate on the OTHER HILTON now?

Bitch Face, I mean Nicky Hilton has been hatin on our girl Mischa Barton...(maybe Mischa is the one who leaked Nicky's phone number on the internet.) The Post talked about how Mischa walked into the Regent (in LA), and Nicky saw her and said, "What is that fat pig doing here?". Is she serious? Mischa has barely had time to study for her citizenship test let alone eat, who was Nicky calling fat?

Any ways, Mischa took the high road and all she had to say was, ""If Nicky really made that remark it says more about her than it does about me."

EAT IT NICKY, you fat pig!

I wanna be paid to be pretty...

Forbes has just released its list of the MOST POWERFUL CELEBRITIES, and models are back. In the few years prior to 2005, we had no "working" supermodels left. This past year saw a resurgance, probably because you can't go five minutes without seeing Tyra's mug on a magazine, subway car, television station, or in a Victoria's Secret spank rag. Tyra's ventures that barely include modeling any more are making her about $6 million a year , which is just set to escalate this next year with her plans on a tv movie, sitcom, and an hour long drama...LOOK OUT OPRAH! Tyra isn't the biggest earner though, Giselle is now making a pretty $15.2 million a year now, and she tops the list. Combine these two with Heidi Klum estimated $7.5 mil and Kate (cokey) Moss they earn about $38.2 million for the year.

I feel pretty, oh, so, pretty...
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