Saturday, January 28, 2006

So Everyone in Hollywood has F'ed each other!

This isn't official and this is only based on gossip... click on it to see it full size.

Nicole would have shoved her...

Apparently...While partying in the W Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival (Why was PARIS there? She hasn't done anything remotely artistic in about 6 months), PARIS HILTON almost fell to her death! She was partying on the upper balcony about 25 feet from the ground level, and she lost her balance. Everyone was scared and they made a commotion, yet she is the one who caught herself...I wonder if they found Nicole and Mary-Kate in LA with a voodoo doll? (thanks to

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Julia Roberts has no booty?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What a Slow Week...

So far this week no one has...
1. Stolen someone else's boy/girlfriend
2. had a life threatening asthma attack
3. Gone to rehab
4. admitted to drug use
5. admitted to an eating disorder
6. slept with Jered Leto
7. recorded Paris Hilton having sex
8. lost their laptop or sidekick
9. married someone in Vegas
10. dirty danced on table/pole

and now Tara Reid is cleaning up, wtf?

Stupid SONG

Love the new Pink Video, fun...but the song sucks! She comes across as more of a hater than giving a true message in a funny way...too bad.


I know that we may judge, and be bitches, and bring gossip and rumors to surface...check out lastest "gawker stalker", people from all over the city have been seeing Natasha Lyonne looking not in the best of health...

1. I saw Natasha Lyonne on 14th between 2nd and 3rd at about 7pm. She was walking and eating a hot dog and was wearing ripped dark clothing. At first I didn’t recognize her b/c she currently weighs about 90 lbs at most and had sores/scabs all over her face especially near the nose area - but since she was so out of it I decided to move closer to her and confirmed.

2. I can hardly believe it but I’m pretty certain I saw Natasha Lyonne yesterday at Duane Reade on 34th and 5th Ave. I wouldn’t have noticed her but she was startled by a security guard trying to get ahead of her. Not to be blunt—but there is no other way to put it—she looked like a homeless crack whore. She was extremely thin, and her clothes were hanging off of her, had sores all over her face, was wearing a cap but it looked as if she was balding. Someone needs to get this girl in rehab- stat

On a serious note though, Natasha, get well soon.


NBC officials are saying that it's a no go on the FRIENDS reunion episodes...sad for some, a relief to others. I blame the ANISTON... so does David Schwimmer's wallet.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Shows like Desperate Housewives call for NBC to have Desperate Measures.

We told ya earlier that NBC had the worst year ever when it came to rating (also its shows). Well now they are reuniting the whole cast of FRIENDS! What? You mean... YES! Mixed feelings, abound. They will reunite for 4 one hour long special episodes later this year. Everyone will probably tune into the first one and then faze out. They all agreed to the do the show, with Jen being the last to sign on...Don't let them fool you though its not because they missed the characters...each FRIEND will make $5 Million an episode. Sick.


How can you not love the fact that Drew Barrymore can poke fun at herself...if you saw her at the Golden Globes you know the Globes come in Green too! These pics are from from this week's SNL.

Yoko gives a big Oh NO!

Yoko Ono is pissed that the new movie "CHAPTER 27" (starring Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan)is filming outside her New York pad at the Dakota. She is claiming that it's bringing up old feelings and that it's insensitive. Hey Yoko, how about the feelings you get when you walk into your house everyday to see the word IMAGINE in tile outside your doorstep. Plus, did you feel that bad when your son had a prospect of getting half-way famous for chillin' with Lindsay Lohan (who stars in said movie)_ three days after her Vanity Fair Article hit the stands?


Don't Piss off Mary Kate Olsen or you'll get the finger...
a very skinny evil looking finger.

West Wing Flies No More...

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, West Wing is Dunzo! After the worst ever rating season in NBC history, the executives are cutting down their weekly programing and the first to get the axe is the West Wing.

Don't worry though because they will have a new president claim office before they dissappear to Netflix cirrculation. The last episode is set to air May 14.

She may be thinner but Mama still loves to Eat!

Page Six pointed something out today that we all knew. Star Jones likes to eat, and not pay if she can help it. The woman, who sold out her whole wedding to corporate sponsorship, will now plug your menu on her show the View. Well, she'll only do it if she gets to eat for free, her's to a smaller Star...
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