Thursday, January 19, 2006

Our names are changing too!

From this moment on, our names are Dangilo Jolie-Pitt and Estrella Jolie-Pitt!
Well, Seriously, a judge granted that Angie's kids can no have thier names officially changed to Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt and Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt, why can't we?
Check out Yahoo Entertainment for the full story...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Paris steals again...

So Paris Hilton has been the chick behind the demise of many relationships, including but not limited to Mary Kate and her ex Stavros. Sophia Bush is laying her shit now, claiming that Chad slept with Paris and thats why their marriage is over....NOW BRITNEY! While in Vegas, Kevin's cufflink (he owns shirts with sleeves?) got caught on Paris's dress strap, the next day Brit was spotted shopping without the ring (she paid for)...
Can't Paris just party and not be a homewrecker?

Out of Their League!

Did you hear the one about the Desperate Housewife and the A-List Movie Star...which one you may ask? Its rumored that George Clooney is dating Teri Hatcher, and that Eva Longoria was making out with Jamie Foxx...Did you notice that neither guy admitted that they were slumming it at the Golden Globes? At least Nicolette knows to go to for someone like Michael Bolton!


We both have those gloves, there are from Marc Jacobs and are only $5---go bargan shopper!

Hell to the No!

Around the rumor mill, it been suggested that Whitney and Bobby are finally over each other. Maybe there was a CRACK in their marriage. He was quoted as saying, “We ain’t together no more. We’re getting a divorce.” Maybe there is hope for a drug free Whit after all, can't wait for her to bounce back.


Doesn't everyone love's the industry you hate to love and love to hate...Everyone was so concerned about the after effects of Katrina and the AIDS crisis in Africa...However, now the Superman project is running everyone is trying to look for change to fund the $300 Million flick. What about the kids with no milk, it wouldn't suprise me to see Bono trying to get U2 on the soundtrack. Check out Page Six on for more details...

Monday, January 16, 2006

Brokeback doesn't go Broke...

Brokeback won best movie (drama) and Ang Lee won...but the cast got robbed!

Isaac makes us miss Kathy Griffin at the Golden Globes

Isaac Mizrahi had:

-Hit on Eric Bana, and asked if he waxes.
-Talked about Teri Hatcher’s lack of underwear for the night.
-Asked if Eva Longoria was sporting a brazilian
-Tried to get an invite to George Clooney’s Italian pad.
-Told Natalie Portman that she might need a condom later.
-Tried to get Felicity Huffman to go to the Oscars in drag.
-Let Marcia Cross overtake Jessica Alba’s interview.
-Felt up Scarlett Johansson.
-Told Charlize Theron that she has looked like a scary Dyke with no teeth in all her movies for the past 3 years.
-Had sex with Ryan Seacrest….ok, so we didn’t see that part.

Queen Latifa doesn't go for "Hollywood" Types...

When asked by Isaac Mizrahi on E! Live from the Red Carpet, about who would she go for if she wasn't practically married...she stated that she would have to say George Clooney, if she went for the "Hollywood" types. By "Hollywood" types she means Men.


Paris Hilton has a lazy eye.

How much ego is too much?

Found this extremely rare pic of a Nicole, a Paris, and a Mariah...the world used to be a happier place.

L.LO does Research...?

Lindsay is going to start shooting a movie here in the city called "Chapter 27", a film about Mark David Chapman in the days leading up to the infamous murder of Beatle John Lennon. Jared Leto is playing David (the guy who killed John), and Linds is playing a chick who befriends him. I'm telling you this because she's been hanging with Sean Lennon...

I know, I know--everyone's like, "what the f...?" I don't understand it is a clipping from the New York Daily News...

"Lindsay Lohan pulled an all-nighter with Sean Lennon Saturday after having gone clubbing with him at Bungalow 8 just two nights before. The two met for dinner at La Esquina before zipping uptown to "Saturday Night Live," giving the lie to reports that Lohan's feuding with Scarlett Johansson, who was host. Lohan is either doing deep research on her movie "Chapter 27," about the murder of Sean's father, John, or she's letting him get in line behind Bruce Willis and "27" co-star Jared Leto. Lohan and Lennon left "SNL" for the Mercer Hotel, then it was on to the Spotted Pig with two gal pals. At 3-ish, the the foursome headed to the National Arts Club. Lennon checked the place out, but soon headed off with Lohan and her ladies-in waiting."

Uncle Jesse's Gay!

When E! asked Danny (Bob Sagat) what Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) should be looking for in his next relationship dirty Bob stated, "A penis. I want him to go Brokeback Mountain and change his search and not have to look for a young woman when he can find a man on a pony."

Uh Oh, Look out Joey! He might not be able to quit you...HAVE MERCY!

Superbowl tries to breathe some life into half-time show, by a band that may need the breath of life...

The Rolling Stones are going to perfom this year in a 12 minute set for the Superbowl. Who do you think will pass out first?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Eminem gets hitched, and then puts her in the trunk, cause he's like Bonnie and Clyde-BITCH!

Ok, So, Em didn't throw her in the trunk (yet). But he did marry the chick he's been verbally killing since the beginning of his career.

Saturday night a spokesman from his record label did confirm that Em and his ex-wife Kim, remarried that evening. (this pic is from the first wedding, i guess an ugly bouquet makes for real class) The wedding guests included family, friends, and G-UNIT! This makes it ok that he's been verbally abusive on his albums, she's been using drugs, and their poor daughter has to hide all her Britney and Christina cds, because eventually everyone gets happy and dines on filet mignon and lobster tails at a good old trailer park wedding...Here's to the future of the family; that melts in your mouth and not in your hands.
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