Friday, January 13, 2006

JT and Cammy get a Ring

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are engaged! According to E! New...he popped the question but never got down on one knee.

Thursday, January 12, 2006





Hilary said that when she was a little girl, she was on alot of antibiotics. Those medications weakened her teeth. Which lead to a major accident at a concert in the midwest, where she knocked out her front teeth with a microphone...would love to have been there! Apparently her dentist is the same guy they used for the MASK...

Bitches Better Watch Out, P!NK is Back!

P!nk's Pimpin her ride in her up-coming video "Stupid Girls"; from her latest album I'm not dead due out this spring. Armed with her own pair of Daisy dukes filled with an ass that can rival any of hollywoods padded panty behinds she tears it up targeting the young L.A. chicas.

By the way, last weekend she tied the knot with Carey Hart in a sunset wedding in Costa Rica.

~Things are looking rosy for her or should we say P!NK.

Sabrina moves the broom and has a baby.

Melissa Joan Hart gave birth to a baby boy. Mason Walter Wilkerson was born Jan.11, 2006. Get this, unlike Britney-her baby's daddy has got a job! His name is Mark Wilkerson and he is the lead singer for the band Course of Nature. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wilkerson!

Lindsay uses the word bloody...

Maybe she meant to write "Mischa has a bloody..."
Point 1 for team Lindsay.


She's not bleached, she eats, she makes her own clothes and she's onle 16! Uh-oh! Watch out
This talented peruvian beauty even had her first kiss ever with non-other than the hunky hollywood man whore and co-star of The New World Colin Farrell. Envy to ALL!

"You're a Pro, Lindsay! You should be doing this for a living!"

Everyone, we are not talking about Lindsay's film career. We are discussing the new turn she is taking; Pole Dancing! While most girls aspire to go from the pole to the screen. She is giving a big middle finger to the norm, and going in the opposite direction. Maybe next week she will be waiting on your table at Hooters...

Apparently, Kate and Lindsay were at it again this time on the Upper East Side at Scores. This time they made a beeline for the Champagne room. Funny because Lindsay isn't even old enough to consume champagne, let alone the vodka shots, raspeberry kamikazes, and beer that they ordered for their table. Quick question: Where are Kate's Supermodel friends that are her age? I guess they all go to sleep early in order to catch the Tyra Banks Show at 9am.

Well the night hit its peak when both bobble heads got on the platform and started a showdown that would have made the producers of the L Word blush. No clothes were taken off, for fear of ribs popping out, but they did makeout and grind the night away.

Remember, No sex in the Champagne Room,
Estrella and Dangilo

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

MTV True Life: I'm Moving to New York...and maybe I'll earn it.

Last week MTV aired another part of its series True Life. This one was great, completely based on people moving to New York to basicly change thier lives. However, upon watching it I was a little disappointed. They should have made this an actual reality series or maybe even a mini series. They couldn't possible show the ups and downs of moving to a new location, especially somewhere like New York.

The kids they covered were amusing, but I wouldn't want to be friends with them...except Dana and Frankie. They were really working hard to get to New York, and they followed a dream. You actually saw how many problems they faced both emotionally and financially. There exchange about being captain of the cheerleaders and football team, is classic.

Catch a rerun on MTV, the channel only has 6 programs-it's bound to be back on soon.

Brad and Angie play house a little too well...

Brad Pitt loves to play house. This time the game has gotten really serious. First their was the gorgeous Angelina and her adorable son Maddox (some one has a tattoo of this kid, check out for the photo--creepy!!). Then Brad made his move and asked if he can play family too, she went out and got Zahara and the family looked complete. Now Angie's pr rep has now released a statement admitting that yes LIPS is pregnant. Lets hope that this visually stunning family stays together and no one goes home complaining to mommy...


btw...she is hookin' up with Steve-O, yup that Jackass!

Lindsay Lo Loves Literacy...

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at the DARK ROOM last night...She is a PR person's wet dream! Leslie Sloane Zelnick never has to worry about her phone never ringing. Any ways, back to the point. Lindsay has been running around and making official statements to publications such as the amazing TEEN PEOPLE, saying that VANITY FAIR misquoted her and...YADA YADA YADA! Just face up to it. We were in the salon the other day and people were feeling bad for her and respecting her more for coming clean with it.

Any ways, apparently LL was there with KATIE MOSS. Something happened in the bathroom, and this time it didn't involve a line. LL asked the other girls in the restroom if they had a Sharpie (love the product placement). Then one of the girls, who actually had one, handed it over to Lindsay. That is when LL wrote with flourish "SCARLETT IS A CUNT" on the bathroom wall. (

Them is fightin' words,

Slow Down, it's our First Time...


Thanks for taking some time to check out this brand new blog.

Let me introduce you to your new best friends; Dangilo and Estrella. We run a small salon in the West Village of New York City. We will exclude the name of the place, but lets just say its very close to everyone's favorite cupcake store. As stated on our review at citysearch, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Or, for that matter, a spa by its exterior. Our facade may be nondescript, but a faithful mix of locals, walk-ins and the occasional celeb packs this little salon on weekends and after work. We aren't into soliciting our clientele, so don't start asking us who comes by regularly. We may drop hints, sort of like Page Six's "Blind Items".

Check us out though, cause we will be commenting regularly on what is going on in New York's Celebrity and Social us-it will get juicy!

I don't love them hoes,
Dangilo and Estrella
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