Sunday, July 09, 2006


You can just tell that Ashley is pissed, cause she told her it wasn't cute before they left the house.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Girl is Crazy

I love Raven, but Girl needs to take her meds... (pic from

All About the Future Most Beautiful Person in the World, and her family...

I am kinda getting bored with all these celebrities having babies, because they are all getting more responsible and their is less other drama (unless the father is K-Fed, then drama ensues).

Any ways, Perez Hilton got the facts and I am bringing them to you from his site...check his other stuff out at

According to In Touch, here is THE LATEST info on the birth of little Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.

- Shiloh was born on May 28 at 1:40 a.m. local time (which was May 27 at 8:40 p.m. EST), said the provincial governor.

- Brad Pitt was overcome with emotions as doctors delivered their first biological child in Swakopmund, Namibia.

- The baby weighed in at 7 pounds, says an insider.

- Shiloh was delivered by Angelina's private doctor, who flew in from Los Angeles to perform a C-section.

- Shiloh was in the breech position - feet first - necessitating the surgery.

- Rumors placed the birth at the Cottage Hospital, but insiders insist it took place at the Burning Shore Lodge.

- During the birth, Brad and Angie's son, Maddox was with a babysitter, while Zahara was cradled by a nurse. Angie's brother, James Haven, "hovered near the doorway" during the delivery. Brad's brother, Doug Pitt, who was in Paris, expects to see his new niece soon.

- Brad brought the kids to meet Shiloh and they all gave Angelina gifts. Maddox gave his mom red flowers and Brad gave Angelina a colorful, braided cloth bracelet made by a young girl from a nearby village. He also bought similar bracelets for himself, Shiloh, Maddox and Zahara.

- While friends say Maddox is thrilled with his new baby sister, a witness did hear him complaining to his dad that Shiloh "sleeps a lot." Brad was then heard explaining, "That's what babies do when they've just been born, Mad. They sleep."- Brad, who once said, "little girls just crush me. They break my heart", has been handing out cigars to everyone he sees and sending emails to friends describing little Shiloh.

- Angelina and Brad have already donated $300,000 to two Namibian state hospitals, as well as $15,000 to a community center in Swakopmund.

- Parenthood definitely agrees with Angelina, who is already talking about adopting more kids - and traveling around the world with them.

- Insiders say the Jolie-Pitt brood will leave their temporary home at the Burning Shore Lodge in Namibia in mid-June, stop in Paris for a short vacation, then return, finally, to their renovated Malibu mansion.

- Angelina really misses her mom, Marcheline, who really regretted not being able to be in Africa for the birth, and can't wait to see her and introduce her to Shiloh.

- Angelina has been estranged from her dad, actor Jon Voight, since 2002, when he revealed that she was adopting Maddox then publicly criticized her. As a peace offering, on May 20, Jon bought Shiloh three gifts - a rattle, a stuffed pig and a stuffed cow - at Glen Kids in Bel Air. "I just wish the best for her," he told a friend soon after the birth. "I hope, at some point, things will be different between us. I wish her the best because I love her."

- The night Angelina gave birth, Brad's ex-wife Jennifer Aniston was alone in her room at The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago - without her boyfriend Vince Vaughn. According to a witness, the next morning, Jen's bodyguard walked her dog Norman and picked up an assortment of newspapers, so she could read about Brad's firstborn child. "Jen's really relieved now that Angelina's given birth," says a friend of the actress. "It's finally over. The baby is born, she'll grow up and maybe now everybody will stop asking her about it."

So there you have it, and thanks to Perez...

Friday, May 26, 2006


Gwen and Gavin had a baby today...

Sources at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles confirm to Us that Gwen Stefani gave birth to a baby boy shortly before 1 p.m. on Friday. After the C-section delivery, Stefani's husband, Gavin Rossdale, and Stefani's father walked out of the operating room and greeted waiting family in a private room. Rossdale announced that the baby had been born and the entire room started screaming and clapping. Sources say the rocker parents are considering calling him Kingston, or "King" for short. USWEEKLYgetsthegoodshit...

Congrats, now when do we get to hear songs about how wonderful it is to be a mom...?(yuck)

PS. His name is Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. (people)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Clap your hands and say, "YEAH!"

These pictures surfaced of Brit and her Manny on the same day the sun reports:

PREGNANT Britney Spears has thrown hubby Kevin Federline out of her home — heightening divorce rumours.

Kevin, 28, has spent three out of the last four nights holed up in a flat with pals in Sherman Oaks, California — while Britney has remained at home in Malibu.

Britney, 24, refuses to comment.

A pal said: “Things have suddenly turned very sour. It looks bad.” source (

...keep the hope alive...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


We knew that gray hair bitch would win.

Andy M. now gets in on the Linday L. and Brandon D. Drama

This is too good.



Paris Hilton's WONKY EYE thought that the X:3 premiere was HOT.

Peter does it again...

Original Message-----

Subject: NEW PIX!

From: Petey Wentz
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 12:37:32

hey guys.. i took some more pics. let me know what you think.


p.s. the new hush sound cd rules



When you have to do your own PR for something, I give you respect.
When you have to show your wang for PR. I am intrigued.
When you have to do it all over again for another cd. I think, time to call Lizzie Grubman or Leslie Sloane-Zelnick.

THE OAI gets It!

Kelly Clarkson on the red carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards, looks good. I love the OAI (Original American Idol), I own her music; and still sing along to her music-even after it has played in the salon 500 times. I also know she is long and far away from being a fashion icon. Especially since she always looks like her red carpet outfits are dares from her gay friends. She finally got it right.
(plus someone finally dyed that mop brown again)

I wanna be Seal.

Didn't she just have a baby in the beginning of winter?! She's as hell!

Gratuitous Jake G.

These pics either make you sick or pull your heart strings...

(pics from, who just won't give me a link, even after I linked him)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

There is hope...

I didn't know this, and if it's new to me--then I know that alot of people don't know...

Britney Spears has been making quite a splash in tabloids recently with all the baby drama. From the infamous car seat incident to last weeks near tragic tripping incident while holding Sean Preston! It seems Britney can also make a splash in the business world too! Her line of perfumes Curious, Fantasy and In Control which are manufactured and marketed by Elizabeth Arden are flying off the shelves! According to Britney celebrated her recent success at the Hudson Hotel complete with an enormous cake in the shape of her Fantasy bottle, and no Britney Spears event would be complete without dancers! Several young dancers from the Broadway Dance Center competed in a dance off that was judged by Britney. Britney studied at the Broadway Dance Center before making it as a top selling recording artist.

Curious became the #1 launch in 2005 worldwide and the only new launch to make the top 20 list globally. In the United States alone Curious received a top 5 fragrance ranking among fragrances that were launched over the past decade. Since releasing Curious in 2004 over 10 million bottles of all three scents have been sold! Britney, since you are so wonderful at creating delightful scents for women, why don’t you develop something for hubby Kevin so that he smells great too! He looks like he needs to take a shower all the time.
Written by Christy Pastore(A Socialite's Life)

I do remeber the pics of her at the event, I just didn't know that her fragerance was doing so well...

...keep the hope alive...

Learning is Phat!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Brandon gets BURNED by Lindsay's Firecrotch!

Lindsay's fans are crazy bitches! I love it!

Brandon was chillin' at a club the other night and I guess he was sober, because he was acting all meek and shy. When a member of Team Lindsay decided to get into his face...


Watch video!

Britney beats Kevin to the punch...

I heard about this through a good source and now US WEEKLY is saying the same thing...

According to Us Weekly, Spears wasn’t scheduled to appear on David Letterman’s show the day she made her pregnancy announcement. Many speculated why she felt the need to make the announcement so quickly. According to Us, Federline was planning to "broker a lucrative deal to leak information to a news outlet about the pregnancy.” Spears, however, was not fond of Kevin’s quick money scheme. She ran to Letterman to prevent Kevin from going through with it.

Britney hoped by ruining Kevin’s plans, she would show him that she’s the one in control - of their finances and their reputation. A source for Us said "[Briney] is happy she just came out about the baby. Kevin didn't make any money on it, and I'm sure he is pissed." (

At this point I wonder if we (as media in general) should even care about Britney at this point. She is fighting to make us remember her name, while she is on this long hiatus, and all we see is complete craziness...Will we ever get this girl in the 2nd picture back?


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Madonna launched her first world tour in two years on Sunday, delighting an enthusiastic Los Angeles crowd by hanging herself from a cross, insulting President George W. Bush, and dusting off some of the sexy moves that have sustained her career for more than 20 years.

The "Confessions" tour will keep her on the road for two months in North America, and then resume on July 30 in Wales for a five-week stadium swing through eight European cities. Shows in Japan are also on tap for mid-September.

The 47-year-old dance diva spent two hours churning out most of the tunes from her new album, "Confessions on a Dancefloor," as well as a few old hits such as "Like a Virgin," "Ray of Light" and "Lucky Star."

The audience at the Los Angeles Forum included Madonna's Kabbalah guru Rabbi Yehuda Berg, socialite Nicole Richie, and gay icon Rosie O'Donnell, who upgraded herself to a premium seat on the floor and left her spouse alone in the stands.

The meticulously choreographed Vegas-style routine began 50 minutes late when a giant mirror ball was lowered from the ceiling to the end of a catwalk stretching deep into the floor. Out popped Madonna, in S&M-styled riding gear and whip, singing the new tune "Future Lovers" as four bare-breasted male dancers writhed around with ball gags in their mouths.


Later on, she donned a crown of thorns and suspended herself from a giant mirrored cross to deliver the ballad "Live to Tell." Video screens showed images of third-world poverty and reeled off grim statistics.

During one of her half-dozen costume changes, another video montage juxtaposed images of Bush, members of his administration and British Prime Minister Tony Blair with footage of Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, and Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. Midway through the new song "I Love New York," she deviated from the script and made a crude reference to Bush and oral sex.

Beyond that, she barely spoke to the audience, largely focusing on keeping control of a busy nightclub-style stage that boasted 15 dancers, four musicians and three backing vocalists. For the most part, she joined in the tricky choreography, her voice evidently not affected by the aerobic workout. She did pause for a few songs during which she appeared to play a shiny Gibson Les Paul guitar.

A disco segment near the end, where she dressed in a "Saturday Night Fever"-style white suit to perform "Music" thrilled the crowd, as did the "Like a Virgin" routine, when she climbed aboard a carousel-style black leather saddle.

There was no encore, and the lights came up as soon as she had completed a medley of "Lucky Star" and latest hit single "Hung Up" while sporting an illuminated white cape with "Dancing Queen" embroidered on the back.

Billboard magazine has forecast ticket sales could reach the $200 million range, making it the most successful tour by a female artist. Cher holds the record with $192.5 million from 273 shows on a "farewell" world tour that began in June 2002 and lasted almost three years, according to Billboard.

Madonna, on the other hand, is scheduled to play fewer than 60 dates on this tour. Similarly, her $125 million-grossing Re-Invention tour in 2004 and the $75 million Drowned trek in 2001 were also relatively brief.

What catapults her to the top of the leagues is her ticket price, topping out at $380 (including Ticketmaster fees) in most U.S. venues. However, it did not stop her from adding dates to accommodate demand.

( it still worth the $375 for the ticket)

LC turns on the radio?

My nerdy self is coming out in full effect today, but I was checking Myspace earlier and Lauren posted some new bulletins. Here is her latest:

so tom petty : Free fallin is the best song ever..
havent heard it...
go download it
it kicks ass

LAuren xo

I just don't want to be the one to tell her that, Tom Petty came out with that song a long time ago...
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